Bryce Gerson

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Hey there, I’m Bryce Gerson; an actor working and living in Los Angeles, California.


I was roughly 10 years old when I first started performing American Idol hits to the construction workers renovating my parents' contemporary, California home. At the time, the notes were off key, but my spirit was not. Two weeks later, my parents took me to my first vocal coach and introduced me to the world of singing, and in turn acting. After performing in various school musicals, I booked my first professional show where I played the lead role of Oliver Twist in Oliver! 

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"Actors are meant to be overheard, not listened to."

- shirley booth


While theatre played a major role in my childhood, sports, and specifically soccer, did as well. I played through the ranks of the Olympic Development Program and spent a lot of my time in my backyard juggling the soccer ball and improving my craft. 

A few years down the line, I went off to the University of Oregon where I earned a BS in Business Administration & Multimedia. This lead me to work for Speedo in a product management role to where I was able to express myself creatively while tapping into my love for sport. Oregon, Connecticut, California, and London, England have all been home for various stints, but I now call Los Angeles home base.

Speaking of tdoay, I am back in the acting world living my passion through the mediums of film, television, and theatre. I’m a motivated, risk-taker that loves to work with passionate, driven individuals. As I continue on the constant journey to further understand and study people, I learn so much about myself. Be kind, be passionate, be yourself.




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Manager: Brent Paxton, Kreativ Management

  • 310-997-2228 phone

Commercial Agent: Angelina Bruno & Andrea Beane, AB2 Talent

  • (310) 235-1446 phone